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About Us

We know that your home isn't "one-size-fits-all", so your rugs shouldn't have to be either. 

We offer customized flooring solutions and the professional services you need to decorate and protect your floors in the most sustainable and affordable way possible. We're here to help you maintain a home you feel good about.

Can't find the perfect rug for your space? We can create one. 

Got excess carpet remnants taking up space? We can turn them into functional rugs.

Got a rug that's a little rough around the edges? We can repair or replace the binding to make it look good as new.

Got a rug that's too large for your space? We can modify the shape and size into the perfect fit. 


What We Do

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We help homeowners repurpose leftover carpet remnants into custom area rugs and throw rugs, as well as repair, resize, or modify any existing rugs.


This fast local service makes it easy for customers to get custom rugs made to order with accurate measurements, templating, and true color matching.

We cut the carpet or rugs to desired shape and size, then use a heavy duty sewing machine to sew on a durable border for an elegant finished edge that won't fray or unravel.


With several edge styles and hundreds of colors to choose from, from low-profile polyester binding to intricate oriental fringes, our customers have the luxury of getting the exact rugs they want, tailored to their space and specific needs. 


We offer in-home consultations, measuring and design assistance, and satisfaction guarantee, to provide a service and product that far exceeds the limitations of pre-made rugs sold by big-box stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does carpet binding cost?

Well it depends on a few different factors such as the type and thickness of your carpet or rug, the style of binding you choose for the edge, and the size of the carpet or rug that will be bound.


We charge by the linear foot, so the total sum of all the sides that will be bound gives us the total linear feet. (Ex 5’x7’ area rug = 5+5+7+7=24 ln. ft.).

What kind of binding should I pick?

Choose any binding style you like!  How you want the final product to look? In general, polyester tape binding is used for low pile, plush carpet, and berber carpets that are subject to heavy foot traffic.

Cotton Serging tape is often used on natural, woven, or wool carpeting or rugs.

Wide fabric tape is most commonly seen on sisal, jute, seagrass rugs but can be sewn onto any rug or carpet for a bold and classy look.

How long does carpet binding take?

We can complete your rug repair or cut and bind your remnants and return them to you in as little as 1-2 weeks. Occaisionally we will need to special order the perfect binding color if we don't have it in stock. In this case it will take a maximum of 3 weeks to recieve your final product.

My dog chewed up my rug, can you fix it?

Most of the time we can save any damaged rug! We have alot of experience repairing rugs that have been chewed around the edges by pets. We can remove the damage and create a new clean edge and sew on new matching binding tape to make your rug look as good as new(or better!) 

Can I get a rug in a unique or odd shape?

YES! This is the wonderful thing about custom carpet binding. You can get exactly the rug you need tailored to fit your space perfectly. We can make rugs in any shape or size you desire! From funky shapes to unique spaces, your options are endless. We are here to assist with the design process. We can create any shape to meet any specifications and make precise templates for the perfect fitted floor coverings. We've done everything from custom boat mats with detailed cut outs, to L-shaped runners to wrap around walls and stairways.

What’s the difference between a carpet and a rug?

The main difference is how the edges are finished! Carpeting is made in large continuous rolls up to 13 or 15 feet wide and the edges are unfinished. It's intended to be stretched from wall-to-wall and installed using tack strips, staples and/or glue and finished with trim or quarter-round.

Rugs  are made to size and intended to lay loosely on the floor. The edges of the material are finished with serging or binding so that they don’t fray or unravel. Rugs can be made from carpeting by simply cutting the carpet to the desired size and then binding the edges for a clean and durable edge.

Can you clean my rug?

At this time we do not offer rug or carpet cleaning services, but we would be glad to refer you to local professionals that are best equipped to clean your type of rug. If desired we can take your rug directly to the cleaning professionals to be serviced prior to binding.

Our Values

What matters to us.

Our People

We make caring for our customers, their homes, and their furnishings our top priority. We provide a quick turnaround, fair pricing, and pickup and delivery services to make the process smooth and effortless for you. We ensure satisfaction in every project and make any modifications or repairs at no cost.

Our Planet

We believe the nature of our planet should be respected and protected, thats why we are so passionate about providing the means to repair and repurpose rugs and carpet in order to reduce their waste. We also source our materials as sustainably as possible, making efforts to choose what's natural, made of recycled goods, or recyclable goods

Our Craft

As artists, we are passionate about our craft and it’s place in your home. We are committed to creating products that are functional and beautiful and meet your expectations. For this reason we offer a satisfaction and durability guarantee, meaning that if you happen to find anything wrong with the product or service, we will be sure to make it right. 

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