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Carpet binding is a skilled trade focusing on finishing the raw edges of a carpet or rug to prevent fraying while adding style and aesthetic appeal. If you look at any rug you will notice the binding around the edges, with a few exceptions, such as bath mats.

There are a few different methods of binding. The most common is the application of a fabric tape(either cotton or polyester.) This can be done with special glue or heavy duty stitching, or both.

The other option is serging or whipping, which involves repetitively looping yarn around the edges of the rug. And of course there is old-fashioned fringing, commonly seen on antique & oriental rugs.

This is what Creative Edge is all about! We love to make leftover carpet remnants into rugs. It's economical and eco-friendly!

We also take pride in the ability to repair your beloved rugs to extend their lives. We enjoy helping homeowners save time & money while reducing material waste!

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