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Do you need to use a rug pad?

Asking wether or not you need to use a rug pad under your area rugs or runners is sort of like asking if you really need to change the oil in your car every 10,000 miles….

Technically you don’t have to… you can get by without it for quite some time. It’s just a suggestion…right?

You may not notice a difference for a little while. But by the time you notice a problem, there could be irreversible damage.

The performance of the car, or rug, will be considerably lower, and it will be less desirable and valuable, and will only last a fraction of the time.

Rugs may not come with quite as high of a price tag as vehicles do,(at least not most of them. )

But a good quality rug isn’t cheap. Heck, even the lower quality rugs arent all that cheap. Anytime you decide to invest in a quality product, it’s worth investing a small amount in the protection of that investment.

Rug pads serve three main purposes..

  • Safety… Rug pads help to keep the rug flat on the floor. Many have the feature of rubberized grip and prevent the rug from sliding, corners from raising and reduce the tendency for buckling. All these problems are serious trip hazards, and are easily avoidable with the right padding in place.

  • Cushion… The extra padding from a rug pad not only makes it more comfortable to walk on, but also provides support and protection for the rug and its fibers. The cushioning adds to the integrity of the rug. The extra layer protects the rug fibers from being repeatedly smashed against the hard floor underneath, and helps reduce the harsh impact of heavy furniture on the rug.

  • Floor Protection… using a rug pad beneath an area rug, mat, or runner also serves the purpose of protecting the hard surface of the flooring beneath the rug. Without the padding there, the floor is subject to color changes and significant scratching from the rug sliding around with sand or dirt between the two. Also, if something is spilled on the rug, a good rug pad will prevent the spill from staining through to the floor beneath.

So to summarize, a rug pad is beneficial because is protects your safety, protects your rug, and protects the flooring below.

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The Legend
The Legend
Jan 03, 2022

A rug pad seems very beneficial!

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